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Discovering a Wasp Nest in your home or business can be very distressing

Wasps are known to sting even when they are not provoked. A sting can be extremely painful especially when you have an allergic reaction. Wasp nest removal is therefore required when you notice a level of activity of wasps in and around your property in order to reduce the risk of being stung.

When dealing with wasp nest removal it is vital you do not attempt this yourself. Wasp nest removal can be extremely dangerous, multiple stings can lead to a hospital visit and in rare cases where wasps have stung inside the mouth or other sensitive areas even death.

Wasp Destroyers is the leading wasp nest removal service in the country, we provide fully guaranteed wasp nest removal services in your area and provide a same or next day response so we can remove your wasp nest problem quicker than anyone else.

What Does  A Wasp Nest Look Like?

What Is A Wasp Nest Made of?

A Wasp Nest is made out of wood. You would of often enough seen Wasps on your fences,  sheds anf garden furniture, Wasps will scratch off the wood and eat it, take it back to the Nest where they will regurgitate the wood and add to the existimg Nest structure.

Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp Destroyers  Pest Control division is fully trained, insured and certified, we have years of experience between us and therefore there is seldom a wasp problem we have not seen before.

We have access equipment to reach even the hardest to access and highest wasp nests. We provide specialist wasp nest removal for schools and other sensitive areas.

Our wasp nest removal chemicals are all safe and designed specifically to kill wasp nests. Our technicians  are trained and come armed with the correct equipment and personal protective wasp clothing, we can therefore deal with any wasp nest removal.

For leading wasp control services, by qualified RSPH technicians, call Wasp Destroyers 07927 236753 



Types Of Wasps In UK

Common & German Wasp

Common & German wasp

If you’ve ever been stung by a wasp, the culprit was probably a member of one of these species – they are the most commonly found across the entirety of the UK. They build their nests in spaces indoors with easy access to the outside, with lofts and wall cavities particular favourites. They can usually be identified by looking at their thoracic regions, and have a fairly regimented lifecycle with practically the entire nest dying in the winter months – only a few young queens will survive to restart the colony in the spring.


Hornets are easily identified due to their large size (they’re the biggest wasps in the UK) and their distinctive brown thoracic markings. Although they look scary, they are not attracted to human food and will only attack if the nest is threatened – however, the whole nest will be mobilised, and with up to 700 workers housed within it this could be dangerous. Their nests can be found in buildings and outdoors, and their lifecycles follow a similar pattern to common wasps, with the majority of the nest dying in the winter.

Tree Wasp

It’s unlikely that a tree wasp nest would be built in your home – as their name suggests, they prefer to live in trees and generally outdoor locations. Identified by a single black dot on their face, they are often quite aggressive, but unless they build their nest in your garden, you shouldn’t have much trouble with them. Additionally, they’re only active from around May to August, as opposed to other wasps which are active for a longer period of time.

Median Wasp

The median wasp, like the tree wasp, lives and nests outside, and may not become a nuisance unless it takes up residence in your garden. They tend to forage for food around bushes and trees in areas that will support their nest. Due to their size, they are often mistaken for hornets, and can be aggressive when threatened. They’re identified by four black spots on the yellow part of the abdomen.

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Large Wasp Nest undetected all summer

Wasp nests can go undetected & can get very large towards the end of the season,  housing up to 10,000 angry Wasps

Typical Wasp Activity

You may not see the Nest as it can be very well hidden, however, you may be able to the Wasps leaving and coming back to their nest in a very strategic way

Wasp Destroyers guarantee all our work & offer a same day or next day service



Wasps in new build property

Its very common to find Wasp Nests in or around new buils, they can easily find a very small hole & flourish

Hornets & Wasps ideal hideout

Garden sheds are not used much in winter so the newly born queen from the previous year will find harbourage in the safety of your garden shed